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CANCELLATION POLICY: There must be a minimum of 5 to 10 students registered to conduct a class, unless approved by the training site Director (Corwin J. Butler). The students who has fully paid will be counted as part of the minimum. All paid students may be canceled and rescheduled to another class, if the minimum candidate registration is not met before class start. Training site will be responsible for any pre-arrangements made for attendance. If the candidate fails to attend scheduled class date, a reschedule fee of $25.00 - $80.00 penalty maybe added. If there for any reason a candidate is canceled for class more than three times, an approved refund will be anticipated for the class cost only.

DRESS CODE POLICY: Students are expected to wear uniforms (scrubs) or dress without any explicit attires. All footwear must be closed toe and flat. All attires must be clean and neat in appearance. Exam attires must be white uniform (scrubs) or the candidate will not be permitted to take the test and/or a fee may apply for retake.

CAMERAS/CELL PHONES POLICY: There will be no use of cameras, cell phones, or other electronic devices during class. No video recorders or any type of recorder device are allowed during class. Cameras and cell phones may be used only outside of the training site. Any pictures or videos taken by CFOA ("Caring for Others" Academy, Inc.) will be used for school purpose "ONLY!"

Thank You for Complying with ALL the above POLICIES.

Corwin J. Butler/Director & Owner

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